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Tartberry is Proud to Support Puddletown Chess

As a business committed to positively impacting the community, Tartberry is thrilled to announce our sponsorship of Puddletown Chess. This local organization promotes friendly chess competitions and team collaboration among young players, making chess more accessible to low-income families.

Puddletown Chess aims to make chess more accessible to young players from low-income families or with disabilities. They recognize that chess can be an expensive hobby and not accessible to everyone, and they want to ensure that every child who wants to play the game can do so. By supporting Puddletown Chess, Tartberry hopes to help remove financial barriers preventing some children from participating in chess and create a more inclusive and diverse chess community.

The benefits of chess for children are numerous. Through active participation in the game, children learn to think critically and strategically, concentrate and focus their attention, and exercise their memory skills. Chess also teaches children how to make decisions under pressure and handle failure and setbacks, which are valuable skills that can be applied to many areas of life. By providing young players with a safe and supportive environment to play chess, Puddletown Chess is helping promote personal growth and development in children and youth.


At Tartberry, we are excited to participate in this important mission. By supporting Puddletown Chess, we hope to inspire more children and youth to participate in chess and experience the many benefits of active participation in the game. We believe working together can create a more inclusive and diverse chess community that values teamwork, collaboration, and friendly competition.


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